The Select

I’ve known many of the select few, rich kids all.  From what most people call prominent families.  I’m not going to put a lot of detail here, but here’s a bit about a few of them. I have a much longer list.   This all happened when I was growing up and as I got older. I was about the same age as most of them when they lost their battles. They died young and tragically.

In order or occurrence:  Only the first one is completed.

Max – My closest cousin, suicide at 19

Stephen – My best childhood friend, car/telephone pole, dead at 19

Johnny – A family friend that I’d known well, unknown cause, dead at 25

Richard – Buddy, partner.  Murdered at 34

Robin – My favorite, overdosed at 33

There are many more I could put on this list, but I don’t really like writing about this.

When most people hear the term “rich kid” they think about spoiled jerks that never really have to work for anything, but there’s another “Select” group that come from very prominent families that are put under extreme scrutiny to conform to their parents standard.  I’ve found that these particular kids are inevitably already independently minded and end up as the proverbial black-sheep.  They are terribly ostracized, disciplined to the point of abuse,  disowned and usually thrown out and sent off to fend for themselves at a fairly young age.  These are the ones that I knew, and was.  The conflict this causes, because it’s done by their own parents and family, tears them apart at an early age.  They typically blame themselves for the abuse they experienced.




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